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Make Smart Decisions. Request a MyUSADr.
Make Smart Decisions. Request a MyUSADr.

Second medical opinions are frequently recommended by the medical community and can offer patients peace of mind. Getting a  Second Medical Opinion can be an important step, especially when dealing with serious medical conditions or new treatments. Also, those who live in remote areas can receive expert second opinions in spite of distance or mobility. We believe medical second opinions can be a life-saving tool to help patients:

  • Confirm a medical diagnosis and treatment options
  • Consider a different diagnosis
  • Discuss preventive measures
  • Learn about the best treatment options

It is often in a patient’s best interest to seek a second medical opinion, particularly when faced with a serious or complex diagnosis that will affect the quality of life. It is every patient’s right to be as informed as possible about their health, diagnosis and treatment options.

Why MyUSADr.?

Medicine is a noble profession to help our fellow humans overcome diseases. With the advancements in medicine, we are curing more diseases or minimizing their effects and ultimately helping people have a longer lifespan. The field has been evolving over the years and will continue to rapidly change with the ongoing breakthroughs in medical research and technologies.

As US based physicians, We are lucky to have the opportunity to continuously learn about cutting-edge technologies and newly approved therapies, and be able to offer it to our patients. MyUSADr. is created to give access to people from all over the Globe to communicate with expert US based physicians.

Our mission and passion as medical doctors though extends to Humankind. It transcends any political, ethnic, racial or geographical boundaries.

Our goal is to Help The Patient overcome their disease process.

Who is MyUSADr. Team?

Our team of doctors consists of highly trained, American Board Certified and Practicing physicians in the USA. They are known to be competent, experienced and ethical specialists. This service is a modern concept in delivering Exceptional healthcare expertise straight to The Patient.

How Can our Specialists Help?

The process is based on getting your current medical records and sending it to us online for review at Our specialist will examine the records and provide you with a written opinion about treatment options. The service will help patients by getting an objective look at their disease process, reaffirming their proposed treatment plans, or exploring new treatment strategies.