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What is Happening with Cancer Mortality in the US!
What is Happening with Cancer Mortality in the US!

According to the American Cancer Society, there are around 2 million cancer diagnoses per year and more than *600k of them are lung cancer *cases making it the leading cause of Cancer death. It is estimated that around 350 patients will die from lung cancer per day during 2022.

Mortality from lung cancer has been dropping constantly at around 5% rate over the last five years! The mortality from other cancers has been also dropping around 2% rate per year! The downward trend in cancer deaths is projected to continue making us optimistic about the evolution of our treatments and ability to conquer cancer.

Lowering cancer death rates is best achieved with a collective approach among All of Us. It is based on Prevention, Screening and Treatment!

Prevention is done by making lifestyle decisions and avoiding carcinogens in food or environment, like smoking, pollution and certain food ingredients.

*Screening *helps detect early cases of cancer or precancerous conditions, hence leading to better cure rates.

Treatments of cancer improved markedly over the last decade. The development of targeted immunotherapies was a Game changer in the fight against cancer. In addition, improvements in diagnostic technologies and development of minimally invasive surgical techniques have helped in improving accuracy and outcomes of treatments. Genetic sequencing of cancer cells continues to improve and is allowing clinicians to identify precise treatment pathways against cancer.

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