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The Bahamas is a country in close proximity to the USA with a population of around 400 thousand people. It is known for its beautiful beaches and world class resorts. Healthcare system has private and government based insurances. The main private insurance carriers are US based and allow transfer/ treatment of patients in the USA.

Would you Benefit from a Virtual visit or Second Medical Opinion by an Experienced US based Doctor?

The internet world has a lot of new technology options to get online consultation from USA doctors. MyUSADr will give you the best and most affordable option for Bahamian patients for primary telehealth visit or second medical opinion services. We know the culture of the Bahamian people particularly in regards to patient information and its privacy. We follow the proper guidelines (HIPPA compliant) and all patient information will always be safe similar to any of our US based patients. 

MyUSADr second medical opinion will provide cost-benefit for the Bahamian patients and your doubts can be easily resolved by having an objective review of records with US Doctors. You just have to submit your records online and our team will take care of the rest. You can even schedule the virtual call and our doctors will have a telehealth visit with you to explain their online second medical opinion report and discuss your treatment options. These treatments could be pursued in the Bahamas or will be happy to arrange for it here in South Florida by our doctors in any of the major affiliated facilities that they practice in.

In addition, MyUSADr offers Primary care Virtual Doctor call services. The process is very simple. You submit a Virtual Doctor Form on our site which requires basic information regarding your medical problem. After the fee is processed, a US based primary care physician will have a video/ telephonic call with you to address your medical condition.

My USA Dr. fees are flat fees and range from $59 for a video meeting with a US based primary care physician using Virtual Doctor Consultation service to $325 for a Online Second Medical Opinion report from one of our American Board certified Specialists.

MyUSADr. Is Here to Help? is an easy-to-use online platform that assists patients in managing their diseases. They have a group of experienced US based Specialists that review your records and provide you with an Expert Medical Opinion. Our healthcare professionals check the provided medical records of the patient and get the appropriate specialist to review it and address your Concerns. It provides you with Personalized Care from Top notch American physicians. If you have any questions about our services or how we can be of help, just give us a call, WhatsApp us or send us an email or visit How it Works.