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Telemedicine has gained widespread acceptance after the pandemic and is being used by many people across the globe for many reasons, especially it’s ease of use and accessibility to quality physicians. Live video chatting is ideal for allowing patients and healthcare specialists to connect. You can have your US Online Doctor Consultation!

Here’s how to arrange and prepare for an online doctor’s consultation in the US so you could take care of your medical requirements without having to leave your house.

Identifying a Telehealth platform

To begin, search on the internet for telehealth consultation platforms that provide the services you are looking for, such as Virtual Doctor or Expert Medical Opinion. The platform should provide you with information about the expertise of the physicians, their scope and of practice as well as the fees for the different services. My USA Dr. for example provides multiple telehealth services including Primary Care consultations, Second Medical Opinion Services, teledentistry visits and Mental health consults with US based Specialists. You can view profiles of their physicians by going to USA Doctors

Calculating payment and health coverage

The service fees should be clear on the website and transparent. They can vary from one platform to the other. Typically, by visiting How it Works?, the patient should get a clear description of the process and fees associated with the requested services.

You may have to pay for the visit out of pocket as the service may not be covered with your insurance, but you contact your insurance carrier immediately and inquire about their coverage telemedicine consultation’s pocket expenses. MyUSADr. Team will provide you with Receipts that you can use with your insurance for coverage of services.

My USA Dr. fees are flat fees and range from $59 for a video meeting with a US based primary care physician using Virtual Doctor Consultation service to $325 for a Online Second Medical Opinion report from one of our American Board certified Specialists.

Utilizing technology

The next step is to request the desired service. By clicking on the appropriate tab, a form pops up. The form is user friendly and helps the physician identify the reasons for the telehealth consult and pertinent information. It also allows you to upload any necessary medical documents. Submission of records usually takes you to a payment method which is typically via use of credit cards as it is secure and traceable.

After submitting the Telehealth Form, it is screened by healthcare professionals and sent to appropriate medical specialists. The Doctors will communicate with you in two ways:

  • Online, via email
    Via email, the online doctors in the USA will connect with you and provide you with a detailed report addressing your concerns. Video meetings with the Specialist can be also scheduled.
  • Phone call or Video Meeting
    Virtual doctor consultations are typically done over a phone call or video meeting service. It would allow the primary care physician to discuss the matter with the patient and address his medical issues immediately.

Once you’ve scheduled your virtual meeting, double-check that you’ll possess internet connectivity and necessary technology on hand. You must be enabled to utilize a laptop, tablet, or phone to make a video conversation.

Several virtual meetings can be reached by following a simple URL delivered via email or text that takes you straight to a video conversation Others may need you to log into the patient website and communicate with your physician via an URL within the website.

If you’re experiencing problems, You can contact the professionals through the platform for assistance via email, phone or WhatsApp. They can walk you over the procedure and allow you to connect your virtual consultation.

You must do the following to achieve the best virtual consultation possible:

  • Look for a peaceful area with good lighting.
    During a Video call, Avoid regions of your house that are loud or gloomy, as this will create it more difficult to observe and understand each other. Also, please ensure you’re completely concentrated on the meeting and providing it with your entire commitment.
  • Use earphones or headphones.
    This typically results in clearer audio, allowing you and your physician to communicate more effectively. It can also assist in preserving both parties’ confidentiality.

Fill out the Form to the best of your Knowledge

The more information available in the pre visit form, the easier it is for the Specialist to identify your medical issue and be able to answer your concerns. Especially in Second Medical opinion consultations, uploading the necessary documents are imperative in providing the medical expert data to be able to provide an Objective medical opinion.

Because virtual consultations are generally the first contact to both you and your physician, collaborate to guarantee a positive experience. Inform them nicely if the screen hangs or the audio slows, and remain cool.

Virtual Doctor service form offers you to include your pharmacy number to help our primary care doctor call in medications there.

Can MyUSADr. Help? is an easy-to-use online platform that assists patients in managing their diseases.They have a group of experienced US based Specialists that review your records and provide you with an Expert Medical Opinion. Our healthcare professionals check the provided medical records of the patient and get the appropriate specialist to review it and address your Concerns. It provides you with Personalized Care from Top notch American physicians. If you have any questions about our services or how we can be of help, just give us a call, WhatsApp us or send us an email.

Can we Get US Online Doctors Consultation from Egypt?

Yes, Our team has helped patients from all over the Globe by providing Virtual Doctor Consultations as well as Medical Second Opinions Online including those who reside in Egypt. A number of Middle Eastern patients left us Five Star Google ratings and a United Arab Emirates patients left us a Google review that said:

“Excellent and rapid consultation. My father had knees pain and I was able to quickly send his file over to MyUSADr. and get a second opinion from an expert in the US. The report generated was very detailed and the doctor was very responsive in answering all the follow up concerns we had. Highly recommended!”