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Bahrain’s economy grew after the discovery of oil in the 1930’s, markedly so over the recent years. The healthcare system is trying to catch up with the influx of people immigrating to the country. Bahrain has a ratio of one doctor for every thousand residents. Healthcare costs constitute around 5% of the GDP. In Bahrain, there are private hospitals as well as state run hospitals all of which are trying to achieve excellence in healthcare delivery. Most people have some kind of insurance, either private or universal. Typically, the Bahrain insurance companies in both systems provide their customers the options to pursue treatments abroad, especially when treatments are not available.

MyUSADr is an online platform that can provide Bahraini residents with Online access to US based Board certified Specialists. Patients can upload their information and get the opinion of an experienced physician regarding their medical condition and possible treatment options as if they were US residents. The cost for this service including the personalized medical report is $325. It may very well be covered by your health insurance. In addition, our specialists can provide you with the needed treatments in the US. MyUSADr specialists provided treatments to Bahraini patients who needed special services and were transferred to the US after State insurance authorization to pursue such treatment.

Second medical Opinion leads to changes in course of treatment in 37% of patients and change in diagnosis in 15% of them based on a study involving around 7000 patients done in the USA.

Medical knowledge and practices keep on evolving. Clinical trials, investigational procedures and newer therapies continue to change the practice of medicine worldwide. Similarly, professional expertise, personal biases and geographical limitations all play a role in the medical opinion rendered by the physician. Hence, getting a Medical Second Opinion can provide you with another look at current medical conditions and possible treatment options! Even if no new options are offered, it provides you with Peace of Mind!

Second Medical Opinion is recommended any time you were given a diagnosis that may have serious implications. You can easily get an Online Second Medical opinion from a US based reputable practicing Specialists from anywhere in the world including Bahrain using our secure Telehealth platform. We have a simple Second Medical Opinion Form that you fill to the best of your knowledge. Upon submission, our team will review it and send it to our panel of experienced Online Doctors who will provide you with an objective independent Expert Medical Opinion.

The process is relatively simple. You gather whatever relevant records are available and send it to MyUSADr. Online. This could be securely uploaded online or sent via messaging.Our US Medical Expert reviews the records and provides you with a detailed report addressing your concerns. If the US medical Specialist has any questions or needs additional data, then he/ she will ask you for it.

Second Medical Opinion costs a total of $325. Initial fee of $125 is paid upon submission and initiation of Online Doctor review. A $200 final fee payment will be due upon completion of MyUSADr. Report by US Doctor. Video meeting telehealth options with the reviewing Specialist are available after report completion is done for an extra $125. You can submit our receipts to your insurance carrier for possible reimbursement.

Many Bahraini patients carry health insurance plans with International coverage. If you do, then having an Online consultation with our Medical Experts can be very beneficial by allowing you the option to pursue treatments in the USA if needed. MyUSADr. Specialists have affiliations with Major centers in the South Florida area as well as other US centers. If requested, we will be able to arrange for your treatment, which is covered by your health insurance, by our Specialists at the appropriate medical center in the US. You also have the option of paying out of pocket based on an offered fee plan tailored to your planned medical treatment. 

A Critical Question to Ask Yourself: Do I understand my medical condition and believe that I am making an informed decision regarding My treatment? 

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