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Weight Management FAQs

What is your Weight Management Process?

My USA Doctor has created an easy secure online process to provide you with a Weight Management Program. This service will help patients by providing a personalized objective medical evaluation and care from an experienced US Medical Physician helping them achieve their weight goals in a medically safe and sustainable manner. The simple process is done as follows:

  • First, Submit a Consultation form and the Doctor’s flat fee.
  • Within 1-2 days, Our primary care doctor will review it and have a Televisit with you checking your medical condition, labs, etc and discussing your weight loss goals.

    Based on that, the doctor will provide you with a tailored program that includes prescription medications as well as lifestyle and dietary recommendations. The doctor will be available to address any side effects from the medication or other related matter for the whole month.

    Afterwards, at the beginning of each month you have the option to renew the services by paying the monthly fee. The doctor will have a televisit with you, address any related medical findings, consider checking labs and go over your progress. The physician will continue to customize your weight loss journey to your needs while maintaining your medical safety.

    Another 4 week prescription will be given with dose or medication adjustments as needed.

    When you are close to reaching your goals, the doctor will start weaning you down on the medications with follow up to minimize the chances of rebound weight gain.

    The monthly fees paid include the Televisit with the Doctor along with unlimited access to the physician for the month. These fees are Non refundable. Renewal of the services is done on a month to month basis with no obligations to continue at any time. The cost of the medication is not included in the monthly fee.

  • Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. My USA Doctor is Here to Help You with Your Weight Loss Journey!