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  • What Is Stress and How Can I Recognize It?

    Stress is your body's natural response to physical and psychological challenges or threats. During moments of stress, the body releases two hormones called epinephrine (adrenaline) and cortisol that trigger a chain of events to help you better cope with stressful situations.

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  • Can drinking alkaline water help prevent kidney stones? Not likely, study finds

    Bottled water marketed as "alkaline water" is unlikely to be an effective alternative for prevention of recurrent urinary stones, reports a study in the January issue of The Journal of Urology.

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  • Study finds high-fat diets impair immune, intestinal and brain health

    A UC Riverside study that could motivate your New Year's resolutions demonstrates that high-fat diets affect genes linked not only to obesity, colon cancer and irritable bowels, but also to the immune system, brain function, and potentially COVID-19 risk.

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  • Going dry in January could reduce risk of some types of cancers

    A large international team of doctors and medical researchers has found evidence that suggests people who stop consuming alcoholic beverages can reduce their risk of developing some types of cancers. In their study, reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, the group analyzed the results of multiple prior research efforts to learn more about the impact of alcohol cessation.

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  • Current recommendations address perinatal depression screening, diagnosis, treatment

    Current perinatal depression recommendations aim to help with early screening, diagnosis and treatment and to prevent maternal mortality. Perinatal mental health conditions are the leading cause of overall and preventable maternal mortality and include a wide array of mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression and substance use disorders

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