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  • Early PAD Detection is Crucial for Diabetics

    As Diabetes Awareness Month highlights the importance of managing blood sugar, USA Vascular Centers emphasizes the critical link between diabetes and peripheral artery disease (PAD)

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  • When To Worry About Chest Pain

    Sounding the alarm over a body ache isn’t what you generally do … but this is a pain in your chest. A terrifying two-word combo — heart attack — immediately starts creeping into your thoughts. Should you be worried? Unfortunately, that’s a tough question to answer with just a "yes" or "no." Not every type of chest pain signals a heart attack. Of course, some chest pains are warning signs of a heart attack.

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  • How diet, exercise, and social support can help recovery after a heart attack

    Experts say healthy lifestyle choices can help quality of life in the years following a heart attack. Being active, even for short periods, as well as a healthy diet and stress reduction can help.

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  • Most Common Health Issues for Men

    Nobody lives forever, guys. That’s a fact. The human body may be an amazing bit of engineering, but all those parts that keep you moving and grooving across this planet eventually wear out. But you’ll notice that there’s no set expiration date stamped on you. How long your body keeps going depends largely on … well, YOU. Paying attention to your health and taking care of your body can help you avoid or minimize issues that may cut your lifespan short.

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  • Your Guide to Situational Depression vs Clinical Depression

    Situational depression and clinical depression are two types of depression with similar symptoms. However, despite the similarities, there are a handful of differences between situational and clinical depression-including the diagnostic criteria, the severity of symptoms, and more.

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