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  • Brain Fog

    Brain fog is not a formal medical diagnosis but an umbrella term for cognitive (thinking and memory) difficulties. Brain fog can arise from specific environmental factors, like stress or sleep deprivation, or be a symptom of an underlying health condition. It can also be a side effect of a medication

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  • Surgery for torn meniscus still performed unnecessarily, too often: Study

    For people of middle age or older with a tear in the meniscus, but without a history of acute knee trauma, surgery is rarely useful.

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  • What Is Claudication?

    Claudication is pain and discomfort in the thighs, calves, or buttocks that occurs during movement and is relieved by rest. Caused by insufficient blood flow in the limbs, this condition is most often a symptom of peripheral artery disease (PAD).

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  • Artificial intelligence tool developed to predict risk of lung cancer

    Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States and around the world. Low-dose chest computed tomography (LDCT) is recommended to screen people between 50 and 80 years of age with a significant history of smoking, or who currently smoke.

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  • What happens if your thyroid is too active or not active enough?

    January is Thyroid Awareness Month, which makes this a good time to learn how important it is that your thyroid functions properly.

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